Mar 11, 2015
Hi everyone, if this is in the wrong category im sorry but its the closest I could get.

A guy I know (sounds cliché but it actually is someone else) wants to know if theres any way we can alter the IMEI number on his Huawei E5573 MiFi box. The guy in question is a traveller who has literally no paperwork to his name and moves around so obviously contracts are not an option, so theres no easy way that we can think of to get round this problem.

Now, he's been using a Three PayG simcard in this MiFi device with an all you can eat data plan and obviously they figured out he was tethering a desktop device and blocked the IMEI of the MiFi box so we would like to know if there is a way to change it as its worked fine up until now for streaming an android TV, connecting with multiple mobile phones and a couple of iPads but a couple of days after the laptop has been connected Three clicked on and blocked the device. The sim itself is okay because it still works in his mobile phone.

So in conclusion if anyone knows a way or has a link to some trustworthy software that can alter the IMEI of a Huawei device, or knows another reliable non contract option that could solve the problem please let me know. Thanks :) .

floriann software

Jun 9, 2016
Is that impling that the only solution is to use another device? But as the first one misusing that sim was detected, won't the new one be detected too?
So, i don't understand the point on changing these, if you want to use it the same way....