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    Model inside of Sketchup 8 project gone

    Hello. I have built a model house in Sketchup 8 and suddenly the model disappeared. The transparent guidelines have also disappeared and no matter how much times i zoom out or zoom in, i can't find the guidelines or any sign of a model. I tried measuring the distance across my screen with the...
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    Models of 2015 plus a little windows 10 discussion

    Forgive me if this isn't in the right place. I'm new to the forum so I'm still figuring things out! Due to a few accidents (and questionable quality on Toshiba's end) I'll be in the market for a new laptop in a couple of weeks. I can figure out some things on a computer but I'll be the first...
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    Picking a Laptop for 3D modeling (Architecture)

    Hello there, I am looking to get a laptop for architectural modeling since I'm an aspiring architect, however I am not to familiar with computer hardware, and so could you please help me with picking a laptop which can run 3DMax, CAD, Rhino, etc. with really fast performance as well as a good...