Models of 2015 plus a little windows 10 discussion


Sep 24, 2015
Forgive me if this isn't in the right place. I'm new to the forum so I'm still figuring things out!

Due to a few accidents (and questionable quality on Toshiba's end) I'll be in the market for a new laptop in a couple of weeks. I can figure out some things on a computer but I'll be the first to say I'm no where near an expert so I'm relying on all of your advice!

I know quite a bit depends on the model and specs, but I was wondering which brands/models you would recommend? I do a little bit of everything on my laptop. Some video/photo editing, to writing and gaming, watching movies and TV through it and also using a lot of business programs and exploring programming when I get time. Toshiba's quality's gone to crap so I'm really avoiding them and I absolutely loathe MAC so that's a no go.

So tell me good/bad reviews and or stories about the models and brands.

Also how's Windows ten doing at the moment? Like all Windows that first come out I've heard it's buggy but I haven't heard how bad or not bad this one is lol.

Thanks in advance!!
The laptop will depend on the budget you have. I can recommend the asus n series as an all round machine, it has good screen, can play some games, has good sound and is reliable. You could also look at the asus ux501 but some have received bad reviews.

The other laptop is the acer e or v nitro series. They are also good laptops that can do a bit of everything.

As for win 10, I prefer it to win 8.1. But it does take a long time for all the updates to be dowloaded. Its not perfect but its getting there.
Yeah, it depends on your budget. Overall quality actually depends on the specific laptop model.

Personally, I am currently considering the 14" ThinkPad Yoga 14 (2015 version) which can be ordered directly from Lenovo for $849 or purchased from BestBuy for either $949 or $999. It's pretty light weight at 4.18lbs, a 1080p IPS screen (but like all touchscreens it is glossy), the Core i5-5200u is pretty standard on most ultrabooks / convertibles and it has a nVidia 940m which it decent enough for most games at 1600x900 resolution. It has Windows 10.

Since it is a "Yoga" laptop the keyboard can be folded back turn the ThinkPad into a tablet and it supports an active digital pen (only compatible with ThinkPad Pen Pro; $40). It would be useful for me in business meetings to write notes and draw diagrams. Based on several reviews battery life on "average" usage ranges between 6 - 7 hours.

As for Windows 10, I have not used it yet. I still like using Win 7 on my desktop and one of my laptops. My other laptop has Win 8.1, but I am currently using it to re-play Fallout 3 and based on Google searches the fixes to get the game running on Win 7 and Win 8 does not work with Win 10.