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  1. sashabelle

    Solved! VPN price increase?

    Hello! I would like to ask why VPNs are doing the $99~ billing. I used to own CyberGhost and I was gonna re-buy it again and I realized that they now charge $99 now. So I looked at other VPNs cause I thought they'ed be to only one doing that, but I was surprised to find out that all VPNs are...
  2. D

    Bitcoin mining, is it worth it?

    So my gaming pc has a 1070 in it and I download nicehash and it's getting 59 cents a day. Lol I have a couple of r9 280x sapphire with a mobo 8g ddr3 750psu and a hdd. Is it worth it to get the old pc up and running as a mining rig? There's also several 280x around my area for about 80 bucks so...
  3. W

    BIOS not Showing USB HDD while trying to boot from USB.

    Hi guys, I have a problem booting USB Drive on Bios, I tried everything I found on the internet but it still doesn't work, I'm trying to install windows 10, I successfully burn it on the USB with Rufus. Fast Bios is disabled. My laptop model is a Samsung NP355V5C I restarted my laptop and...
  4. D

    Probably buying a Laptop, but I've no idea about anything. Please help.

    Ayy! My PC broke down and thanks to this great forum I hesitate with buying a new PC. I was told to wait for the Rayzen, or atleast to wait for Intel dropping prices. So i thought maybe it's a good idea to buy a laptop in the meantime. I don't know if the same things would apply to the Laptop...
  5. B

    help regading picking what to do with that Cash.

    i will obtain soon enough an amount Ranging from 544.55$ to 680.69 with that Cash i will be able to do the following 1) buy an Extra 970 gigabyte to Create an SLI connection with my almost 9 month old GPU(same type, the windforce). 2) get an extra Cash here and there and buy the HTC Vive...
  6. J

    Laptop DVDs drive problems! Plz help!

    Ok so I have a dell Inspiron 15 3521, and early today I broke the dvd drive , don't ask how, anyways I pulled the dvd drive out of the laptop, made sure not to damage anything, but once I got the dvd drive out I had to mangle it all up to get the dvd out of it, now when I start my laptop it just...
  7. T

    Any Apps To Make Money With An iPhone?

    I really want to save up for an Apple Watch Sport. It's a lot of money though. I know there are these "Make Money With Your Smartphone" apps floating around. I just have no idea where to start. Does anyone know any really good money making apps out there? Good enough to rack up 350 dollars in a...
  8. B

    Wondering if these Beats are fake

    I found some Tour Beats on craiglist for $50, wondering if they're fake. It seems to be too good to be true, but don't know if this applies here. I did lookup some differences on how to spot fake ones by the box and these seem quite real, to me.