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  1. C

    Massive Multi Boot System (Setup Questions) -- Hexa Boot!!!

    TL;DR This is a complicated, hobby, massive multi boot project, and I appreciate any help you can give. I'm not using VMs. If you don't want to read, that's fine. But if you like this sort of thing, please help me figure this out! I am attempting to dual boot several operating systems on a new...
  2. T

    Disabling RAID-0 on ASUS ROG G701VIK-GB040R

    Hey there, The ASUS ROG G701VIK-GB040R seems to suit most of my needs from the given specs. Before buying, I would like a confirmation, that the two installed SSD can be used with disabled RAID - as I need to have two OS installed. Some threats point out, that this could be a problem with the...
  3. F

    Installing Windows 10 on a new Hectron 240GB SSD

    HI there, I recently bought an Asus E402SA which comes with 4GB RAM and a 32 GB Eemc disk. I also bought a 240GB SSD and installed it in the bay provided for the purpose. I then used Disk Management to initialise/format and give the new SSD a Volume serial number/drive name, label etc. Using...
  4. Ancipital

    Cannot boot to Win 10 after installing Win 7

    I installed Windows 10. I hate. I re-installed Win 7. Now several good months have passed and I wanted to check if something was inproved in Win 10. But I cannot boot to Win 10 anymore. Win 7 boot manager simply overwrite Win 10 boot manager. This is my bcdedit: Windows Boot Manager...
  5. P

    Multiboot USB discussion

    Hello! I create USB with multiple OS and other bootable software. Link to russian edition is here. List of bootable software: OS: Windows XP Prof SP3, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1 Core, Pro, Enterprise,Windows Server 2003 Standart,Windows Server 2008 R2 Standart, Datacenter, Enterprise, Windows...
  6. A

    Multiboot Work Laptop

    Hello there I need advice on what laptop to get. Price is unimportant BUT lets keep it reasonable, under 1200€ (not including additional monitor). I work in QA and bug testing, and I need a machine that I will be able to multiboot different versions of windows including Win7 and Win8 (XP and...