Dec 4, 2014
Hello there

I need advice on what laptop to get. Price is unimportant BUT lets keep it reasonable, under 1200€ (not including additional monitor).
I work in QA and bug testing, and I need a machine that I will be able to multiboot different versions of windows including Win7 and Win8 (XP and Vista would be a nice bonus) and the upcoming Win10 if possible, as well as at least one version of Linux. I need it to be a stable and reliable machine that will be working 9 hours a day minimum, so no heating issues preferable. Weight and battery life is unimportant since I will make a docking station of it, which means at least 4 USB ports would be preferable since I will be plugging in keyboard and mouse. I am also considering plugging in an additional monitor into it so capable graphics and a monitor port are a big bonus, that said this won't be a gaming rig so no extreme speed expected. DVD reader would be nice as well.
SCREEN is important, it has to be SMALL. Yes, small, because its a testing machine, and most meatbags carry 1366x768 resolution 15 inch or smaller screens.
I perform tests mostly on web applications and web pages, sometimes but rarely independent software. if that helps decision making any.

I would be very thankful for any suggestions and recommendations.
This is also a very capable unit, with both HDMI and VGA outputs, so you won't be limited to newer displays. It has an i7, 3 USB 3.0 ports, 768 resolution and 8GB of RAM.

If you want something more capable than either of these I'd recommend the Lenovo Carbon series units, but you won't find any of the higher end units still coming with 768 displays.