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    Need support on my computer should i upgrade ? (Please Help Me)

    Hello all, Currently i do youtube on my pc and all the specs will be listed down below. I just need advise on should i upgrade my pc/buy new one? This is what i need it to do: What i need my pc to do: 1.) Record game play with my Elgato in 720P. 2.) Record my voice at the same time while...
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    Solved! Camileo driver for windows 10 is impossible to find. Please help!

    So, since most of us have updated our OS to Windows 10, I'm having a difficult time looking for a driver that would allow my pc to read my Camileo PX1534E-1CAM (camcorder). Could anyone help me with this? I mean, I've been looking for days on the net and so far, I've downloaded lots of crappy...
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    Sony Vaio Pro 13 only working when on charge! What do I do? Pls Help

    I have a Sony Vaio Pro 13, which is 2 years old....but for the past few days only works when its on charge...what do i do? any suggestions?