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  1. L

    Solved! Burning a disk on Nero plantinum 2018?

    I have done my video and would like to burn it onto a dvd disk, but it came up with a notice saying it wold have to recalculate the timeline? Does anyone know what this means and how should I correctly burn the photos onto a blank dvd disk after I have finished adding content? Many thanks.
  2. T

    nero 6 software

    [Moderator note: moved post to Apps General Discussion.] can i install nero 6 on windows 7
  3. R

    Solved! only 1 track on burned CD

    I burned a disc using Nero18. I wanted it to be an mp3 cd, so i used the Jukebox option. Now that the disc is burned... it only shows 1 track on my car audio player (the same goes for other audio players i've tried with). However when i insert the cd back into my pc... then i see the separate...
  4. K

    Besides Nero burning, any other powerful free apps replacements?

    I want burning apps, any other powerful free softwares besides Nero?
  5. D

    This can't be normal. Nero Video 2016 taking a day to transcode Blu-ray?

    I have Nero Video 2016 that I am using to make a Blu-ray from a MKV file. The movie is only 1hr 45 min . No special menus. Just basic 2D non motion. I have most settings on Automatic fit to disc because earlier attempts with custom setting lead to multiple fails. It has been transcoding for 12...
  6. J

    What causes fixalation during transcoding a movie file for burning, the movie file has good quality, no fixalation. I can see

    I'm using nero video 12 for burning my video/movie files, there are times that there is fixalation during the transcoding of movie file which i can watch at the screen of the nero video 12 window. The end result is the same in the dvd disc, but the source movie file has good quality and had no...
  7. RPT3CH_US3R

    Nero burning ROM 2016 installation problem!

    Im reinstalling Nero burning ROM 2016 but everytime it goes to Installing (after downloading) .. i get this error Installation failed, Common reasons are not enough space in the target directory, or a newer version of the product that has been installed before. Please verifiy the installation...
  8. B

    Where to buy Nero 12, MS Office 2013, Adobe Photoshop CC?

    I want to buy all these softwares.Im from India. 1. Which is the website that I should Go to? 2. Which is better?Buying from the Software Company Website(like nero) or Buying from Online Shopping Website?(like newegg)? 3.What is the delivery method for Softwares? Plz answer each question thank you
  9. N

    Nero Classic 2015?

    Hello Everyone. Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem please? I bought and installed Nero classic 2015 yesterday and today i was Transcoding/burning a DVD, While i was doing the above i noticed on the little performance monitor i have on my desktop which comes with my SystemCare 8...
  10. P

    how to solve calibration error

    how to solve power calibration error in nero 7 ,i cant write the files in dvd , can anybody please give the correct suggestion to solve this problem.
  11. one_with_shadows

    Nero refuses to burn to dvd/blu-ray

    I was attempting to burn a data blu-ray disc for a friend using Nero 2014. Just as it had done on a previous version I am being told to choose a different recorder, as mine only supports cd-r. I have a Lite-On iHBS112 with latest firmware. This is a Nero problem, as Windows has no problem...
  12. P

    Nero burning securedisc safer?

    In Nero burning rom, its possible to choose the option to burn with secure disc! Theres even a scale to choose. Is this better, and safer for scractches or other things and in so how much?
  13. Z

    what nero 2014 suite should i get

    I'm unsure to buy basic nero 2014 Or get Nero 2014 Platinum I prefer retail editions. I plan Mostly Used Nero Recode & Nero dvd , reply soon.
  14. S

    Nero Cover Designer 10 recognizes lightscribe drive, Nero Cover Designer 12 does not

    I have both Nero Cover Designer 10 and Nero Cover Designer 12 installed on my Windows 7 desktop. Nero Cover Designer 10 recognizes lightscribe drive, Nero Cover Designer 12 does not. Any ideas.
  15. S

    some one help for nero software

    i have a drive but not having the nero software pls any one give the software
  16. P

    Does Nero 12 use Hyperthreading???

    Hi all, Just a quick question. Does anyone know if Nero 12 uses Hyperthreading??? I've Googled it but I can't find a definite answer. I ask because I'm seeing the same recoding/transcoding times give or take a few seconds from a 3770k with HT enabled and a 3570k at the same clock :-\ So I'm a...
  17. M

    Using NERO 12 to create a bootable XP Pro ISO disc for a DVD disc

    Have the 134 page manual and there is documentation on making a disc bootable but do not see how one gets an XP Pro iso image made and place it on a bootable DVD. Working with a Windows 8 64bit notebook with a DVD drive Guidance sought
  18. C

    Which is the latest version of Nero that can create DVD menus?

    I just need to know which version of Nero can make DVD menus.
  19. ILoveTomsHardware

    Nero 12 Bluray Player issues.

    Whenever i playback a blu-ray movie with nero 12 bluray player it doesn't fill the screen in any mode widescreen or full.Is this a video card setting issue? i appreciate any help! :D HD6850 on a SAMSUNG 27 INCH Monitor HDMI in use. I have the overscan set on 0 and that doesn't help either.
  20. S

    OEM DVD-RW w/ Nero 10 (no mp3 decoder)

    Bought an ASUS OEM DVD-RW from NewEgg and loaded the Nero 10 it came with and when I went to burn my first CD from some mp3's I got a message that mp3 decoding is not included in that version of Nero. First, why would they even bother including a copy of Nero if it's not a full version? Second...
  21. G

    Nero 12 Media Software Gets YouTube Import Capability

    Nero just released its latest DVD and Blu-ray ripping and burning software. Nero 12 Media Software Gets YouTube Import Capability : Read more
  22. HexXxagon

    Adding picture and tags to audio cd.

    Hello, I really need to add cover arts and tags like artist, album, composer... to my (self) mastered audio cds. I used Nero's cd extra but no one of data I entered appears in media player. Do I have to use a certain software? If I can do this with nero then how? Thanks.
  23. P

    Video software to use for multiple drive

    What software can I use other than Nero oa Roxio I Have all kind of problem with both.
  24. G

    Nero Programing 3

    What exactly is the NeroProgrming 3 ? Where can I download it?
  25. D

    Nero Vision burn issue

    Hello, I was creating a DVD with NeroVision, and my laptop rebooted. I can't find the incomplete file, and the hard drive notes nearly 4Gb missing. Where do I find the missing file?
  26. B

    I can't uninstall nero 11 platinum

    How or by what means do you get rid of this program. i have uninstalled it through control panel and through CCLeaner and it still remains installed why? I was going to try uninstalling it through AVG TuneUp but decided to ask first
  27. D


    Hello, I just installed a new Liteon DVD writer, replacing an old Sony one. The Sony came with Nero 6.0, but When I used DVDshrink, I was always able to copy discs directly to another discs, and thus didnot use Nero. After installin the new drive, I can no longer copy to the new writer, but I...
  28. D

    Best to convert mp3 to wav

    Hello, lets say I purchase a new song from a store on line and its 256 kb mp3 and i want to convert to wave for DJ purposes how do i keep maximum quality ? I use NERO and still i would like better.
  29. A

    Nero-DVD RW problem

    Hello I'm using Pioneer DVD RW DVR-216D ATA device and it works fine until I try to burn something so I guess its a software problem. When I try to burn something on Nero 7 I get this error log: PC 1C82-A0K5-19E5-MAAX-400E-CEEE-**** Windows XP 6.0 IA32 WinAspi: - NT-SPTI used Nero...
  30. M

    Error 1303

    hi guys.... i have a problem in installing Nero 10 burning Rom.when it installs Nero control center it displays a message error 1303. any help.i am using windows 7 ultimate N.
  31. J


    What is the best way to copy ENTIRE hard drive from one HDD to another? is it as simple as "cut n paste" or do I need to use a software like NERO or something?
  32. E

    Serial nero v5.5.10.26

    help me the serial Nero express v5.5.10.26 plis
  33. E

    Serial de nero express v5 5 10 26 gratis

    Hello,colaborenme con el serial de nero v5 q no tengo otro quemador en el trabajo y el internet es muy lento para descargar uno y el tiempo no me da ayudenme urg
  34. J

    Solved! Matshita ujda770 free driver

    Hello, why i can't burn dvd using nero?i need guide for burning movies to dvd.
  35. G

    Is nero any good? go with another..

    Hello, My external DVD burner came with nero 9 essentials and I wanted to know if it is worth installing? Are there better DVD burning software out there that are free? Also would anybody know of any good file checkers? I'm backing up my data from my hard drive to DVD rams and I would like to...
  36. Viper98

    Whats Wrong with my Nero8 !? please help

    Hi guys i recently see this Problem happning : I can Make Date DVD or Copy DVD with Nero 8 , but when i try to copy CD or Make Date CD this happens : in Copy CD : when i put Empty CD after original CD is ready to be Written it goes only to 7% & after that it Fails! I tried to Totaly ReInstall...
  37. 8Vidia

    Can i install NERO 7 whereas i have nero 8 installed ?

    hi guys i recently see some issue when i try to Copy CDs or make date ( no problem with DVD copying , only CD ) & when original CD get saved in hard & get ready to be writtten in empty disk it gives an error on 7% ( unknow reason ) thats why i try to install NERO 7 ( which can easily copy CDs ...
  38. B

    Distorted audio on burnt DVDs using Nero

    Looking for a solution to the distorted audio on burnt DVDs using Nero. I have tried with divx , mpeg-2 and .vob files. All play fine on the computer using vlc media player. When I burn to DVD using Nero 7 essentials and Nero vision, the audio track is all distorted like a recording with a flat...
  39. V

    Solved! Dvd-ram driver cannot recognise cd or dvd

    Hello, my dvd-ram does not recognise any cd or dvd.i also remove nero.
  40. Y

    Session Fixation Error

    Hello,i get Session Fixation Error in Nero while trying to CLOSE a cd
  41. D

    Avi ripping and dvd burning

    hello guys. my four year old tower has finally been upgraded, and i would really not like to install nero for avi converting to vob (nero vision) and for burning. what are some good open source (read: free) and solid applications for converting to vob and burning? OS is win7, no linux please.
  42. Dark Lord of Tech

    Anyone try the new nero media suite?

    How is it?Is it worth the cash?
  43. kamui4697

    Video encoding

    what do you need in order for your pc to be blazingly fast at video encoding and editing such as dvd shrink,dvd fab,nero,etc
  44. B

    Need help with Nero, and my sanity

    When I was doing my rebuild I saved all my photos using Nero. I have completed said rebuild and when I insert a disk with a bunch of photos on it and go to open them it chooses Nero to open the files...seeps appropriate. Except that when I use Nero's file browser to locate the files on the...
  45. E

    Alternative to Nero

    I used to use Nero ver. 6 which was a fast and efficient tool to copy cd’s create and burn ISO’s etc. I just installed Nero ver. 9 and it almost killed my computer. It is just a huge piece of bloatware that wants to take over my computer and play my music, videos, pictures, back-up my...
  46. N

    Basic Optical Drive Functionality

    I've been using Nero 8 with my CD/DVD-RW drive for a while now, and I have grown tired of the extraordinarily slowness and bloat (and from reading user reviews, it appears I'm with the majority on this). Besides, it does way more than I need it to. I'm looking to drop Nero, but it appears their...
  47. DinkyDogg

    Audio File Converting

    I was wondering what program or format i should save audio files as for best quality. Ive just been using Goldwave to convert them to 48k sample rate and a 320k bit rate in .mp3 format. Recently, my friend said he used Nero to digitise his songs (i thought was wierd), but non the less it...
  48. T

    Latest version of Nero

    Hello My problem is that my new Nero version is freezing in the middle of editing a slideshow (so I can burn and watch on a DVD player). I have 2 GB of RAM and use XP. This is the 3rd time this has done it. Does anyone have any ideas on why this is doing it and what I can do to fix??
  49. joe2cool

    Nero 9 Free Edition?

    Hi Nero offers you the chance to enjoy Nero’s world-renowned data disc burning and copying features for an unlimited time, absolutely FREE! Enjoy basic data burning and copying capabilities for your CDs and DVDs from the world’s most trusted digital media brand, Nero. I am using version 8 at...
  50. 1


    i have Nero 7.8.5 and also DVD writer. When I try to burn a dvd it got strucked from burning what is the remedy
  51. S

    Nero Adds CUDA to Accelerate Video Encoding

    Nero will soon support GPU-accelerated video encoding in its Nero Move It software. Nero Adds CUDA to Accelerate Video Encoding : Read more
  52. A

    Is Nero 7 Ultra Edition Enhanced really outdated?

    What I want to know is to higher versions of Nero or similar software is outdated in the features it has. In other words, is it just is good? I also want to know if it can handle recording HDTV of the 1080p on my TV if I get an appropriate video card.
  53. brendin

    Roxio vs Nero vs Pinnacle vs Cyberlink

    Roxio Creator 2009 vs Nero 8 Ultra Edition vs Pinnacle Studio MediaSuite vs Cyberlink DVD Ultra Suite v6 Which one is best regardless of price
  54. PsyKhiqZero

    Nero 8 vs. Roxiio 10

    I've been using nero 7 for quite some time but it wasn't till recently that i started to use more of the multimedia features. I'm not to happy with nero recode as the video files are not compatible with my creative zen. I was wondering if it would be worth while to upgrade to nero 8 or even...
  55. thegatekeeper


    I don't know if this really belongs here, but i recently bought nero from a friend. Thing is, the only real reason i wanted nero was to use Nero Vision, but every single time i add a file to a cd/dvd, it gives me the usual "NeroVision.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We...
  56. I

    How to burn 109 minute mp3 lecture onto a DVD?

    Ive got a 109 minute mp3 lecture on my hard drive. I use NERO. How can I burn the lecture onto a DVD as my 80 minute CD/R disk is too small? NERO only wants a CD/R to burn the audio lecture. Im sure there must be a way to do this and sorry for asking a dumb question. Thank you.
  57. H

    Newbie ?'s for Burning ISO's on Nero!!

    I have some movies that I'd downloaded in the *.iso format. I mounted the iso file into daemon tools first, then tried to burn the file using Nero Vision. It took me about 1 hr last night to do, and when it finished it didn't burn it correctly!!! It basically just copy the files over to the dvd...
  58. g-paw

    Free MP3 Plug In for Nero

    Putting a computer together for my grandson and got a retail Lite-On that came with Nero. Wondering if there is a free MP3 plug in, like the one you can get with Quintessential, for Nero? If not, I have alternatives for ripping mp3 files but he's 10 years old and want to keep it as simple as...
  59. J

    MP3 burning.... Advise appreciated.

    Archived from groups:, (More info?) How do you set the order of songs to be played back when burning MP3s to CDs or DVDs using the Nero MP3 burning module? Nero seems to keep auto arranging and burning them in alphabetical order. What role does the M3U playlist...
  60. F

    NeroVision freezes randomly BEFORE encoding!-----

    Hello all. Been fighting this problem for a little while now and it's really starting to just plain piss me off. Nero isin't a cheap program and I'm pissed that mine won't work for some reason. Anyway, from the start..... Install ALL the Nero software. (Nero Burning ROM, NeroVision 3, Nero...