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  1. LliamLliam

    Solved! Factory reset nextbook tablet

    I've been attempting to do a hard reset on a Nextbook tablet> ID S7JNX16A10132S. All the info I have is that pressing the UP volume and power will take you into factory settings. On this one, it instead takes me to a boot option menu with Android-IA and Android selections; no sign of any options...
  2. C

    Please help me

    I bought a next book tablet secondhand and can't get the activation code anywhere is there anyway I can bypass it?
  3. J

    Help!! My Nextbook Flexx 11A isn't charging! What do I do??

    I have an nextbook flexx 11A and it is not charging/showing that it is charging. I know that I a supposed to delete something dealing with the battery but the only two options are Intel(R) Battery Management Device and the Microsoft AC Adapter. What do I do??? :??:
  4. T

    My nextbook ares 11 won't connect to the wifi and the bluetooth seems to not work either. Is there any way I can fix it?

    The wifi keeps on saying searching for wifi network and the bluetooth switch won't turn on. Please help me fix it, its been like this for weeks now. It reconnected with the wifi but then the problem started all over again. Please oh please help me fix.
  5. W

    The screen is broken on nextbook. I need to know how to transfer files and photos to desktop

    Please don't give stupid answers. I will know if you are lying right away because I have tried everything. I connect the nextbook to the desktop and all it does is charge my nextbook which has an unusable screen. The nextbook usually allows me to select to connect to a pc, but if my screen is...
  6. V

    Nextbook 10.1 screen rolling

    Help please. Today my tablet started having a thick black line rolling across the screen. Any idea how to fix it?
  7. C

    Cheat codes for Real Racing 3

    Where to find cheat codes for Real Racing 3. I see there is a spot to use cheat codes....Where does one find them? I have sreached but havent found any of yet. Thanks for yur feed back and time
  8. D

    my nextbook tablet wont turn on its charged but its stuck on the nextbook screen for 3 hours its cracked but it worked when it

    How do i fix my tablet its charged and cracked but it wont turn on its stuck on the loading screen whats wrong with it
  9. M

    Nextbook 10.1 screen malfunction?

    A friend of mine has a Nextbook 10.1 tablet, and he said he had accidentally set his book bag down a little too hard with the Nextbook inside of his bag. The device will now not turn on. I have managed to remove the back covering and attempted to reseat the battery, but the device still won't...
  10. N

    Internal mic problems

    I have a Toshiba laptop Windows 8.1. When i try to record or talk it says i need to plug in a microphone. I want to use my internal microphone, but it won't let me switch and it always says to plug in a mic. How do i switch to use my internal mic ???:(