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  1. E

    Lousy fan with system halt

    Hello all, I have a very noisy laptop. I looked on the bottom to see if the fans were spinning and all seemed to be running. However the laptop is very noisy, very hot and eventually halts the system, it just stops working like it was shut down. My guess is that the fan is full of dust etc. I'm...
  2. N

    Best Laptop Available for these specs?

    I need a laptop for university and need these specs: ■Touchscreen ■Windows 8 ■14" to 15.6" screen size ■i5, i7, A8, or A10 ■Backlit keyboard ■No SSD's (I heard they break down quickly) ■5+ hours of battery life ■Atleast 500 GB HDD ■Atleast 6 GB RAM ■Dual or Quad processor ■Should be able to...
  3. zeyads3

    trying to find a laptop with this price..

    Hello everyone, im searching for a laptop, not very expensive, max=100$ a good laptop for the price, i will use it to download music and surf the internet, and play games like minecraft... any suggestions?