Lousy fan with system halt

May 8, 2019
Hello all,

I have a very noisy laptop.
I looked on the bottom to see if the fans were spinning and all seemed to be running.
However the laptop is very noisy, very hot and eventually halts the system, it just stops working like it was shut down.
My guess is that the fan is full of dust etc. I'm willing to disassemble the laptop but because it's a lot of work I thought I could do something before doing that.
Like for instance run an application to have a look at the fan speed, temperature.
Are there any good tools that can do that?
Looked with hiren's boot disk but couldn't find a good tool.

Any advice?


HWMonitor can do this. It may also help if you listed the exact laptop model, has it always done this or just recently started.

Since the system actually shuts down on you, and you know it's getting hot, having some software tell you it's getting hot is useless.

Take it apart, clean out the fans and vents, get some good thermal paste remove the heatsink(s), clean them off and the chips (carefully) and apply new thermal paste.

As long as the issue is not just overheating or the system was already damaged through too much heat, that should help you.