Question Toshiba: powers up, no splash screen, no caps or num lock lights

Sep 15, 2020
I have a Toshiba Satellite C55d B5102 in very good condition. I bought it at a garage sale, upgraded it to Win 10, and it worked fine for a few weeks. Then it started dying somewhat slowly... it would hang, not start up, system clock would reset, battery seemed to be dying. In other words, it didn't die all of a sudden. Currently, it powers on and everything comes up (fan cycles correctly, hdd spins, dvd drive has power, front led lights are on) and they stay on -- except the screen stays totally black, and the keyboard caps and num lock lights do not come on at all (no blinking or anything).

I have tried: new battery, connecting to a desktop monitor, shining a phone light into the screen to look for any sign of a display, and pressing the F8 and Shift key tricks that come up in google searches. No Joy for any of these. The CPU is warm to touch (but not extremely hot). The insides are very clean. I only have 1 RAM stick so I can't try swapping out. I have another old laptop RAM module that fits but is incompatible. When I put it in, the laptop only stays powered for 2 seconds. With either no RAM or the correct RAM, it stays powered on until I hold down the power button.

So I'm looking for advice on what may be stopping it from booting? I think with the caps/num lock lights off is a big clue... if it were a graphics problem, they would still come on, right? Do you think this is a RAM or motherboard problem? I'm willing to buy new RAM... not too sure a new MB is worth it. In over 20 years of tinkering with computers, I've never had a problem like this.

Thank you!
Sep 15, 2020
Thank you for your reply. I removed hdd and dvd, and have reset the BIOS, but still nothing.
By the way, this is a great video for reseting the BIOS. I was very hopeful.

If it's a RAM problem, should I be getting caps/num lights blinking? What about posting beeps? I don't have any beeps. After a BIOS reset, are post beeps turned on?
Did you plug in the battery after the reset and the charger?

did you swap the old RAM with the other RAM you have and resetted the BIOS after that yet? Power on after reset again.

usually post beeps are on by default
only other thing besides replacing the RAM would be disconnecting other parts, like display and wi-fi.
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