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  1. Viborgdk

    Question Laptop- black screen and not boot screen

    Hi Im having an issue with my Gigabyte Aorus 15g KC laptop, and i dont know what to do next. It has happend the day after i installed chrome, and i can see there has been a windows update the day prior to. All of a sudden, the screen is black. I have tried everything i can think of. Was in...
  2. H

    Solved! Asus FX505DY turns on with black screen and high rpm fans.

    Before this issue, I had updated my AMD display from windows update settings. After restart, the monitor will stay black after booting up and fans would go crazy speed. External keyboard won't work too. So far I've tried: Cleaned the laptop Connecting to external monitor. Check my RAM. Did...
  3. Kobartz

    Solved! Fan runs, hard disk quiet

    I have a Dell wyse notebook which was working perfectly until I decided to unassemble all the parts and clean them of which was covered with dust and reassemble. After assembling the parts it's not working anymore. That's not power on even when pressed the power button. Immediately you plug in...
  4. medmh27

    Question Asus k550l black screen/keyboord or ports not working

    i have an Asus k550l that turns on but i have a black screen even with external monitor , also keyboord are not working even with external keybord . I tried all the known solution (unplaged battery ,hard reset ,ctrl +shift +alt +B ,...) any other solution ?i need this PC back
  5. D

    Question Clevo NH57AF1 already ruined?

    Hi, So I bought the Laptop mentioned in the title a few month ago and must say that it’s a really great machine, up to all tasks until today: While editing a textfile, the screen suddenly turned black. I had to shut it down via holding the power button cause no other input would work. When...
  6. T

    Solved! Screen turned all black after small fall.

    So the screen of my Samsung A7 turned all black after a small fall (<20cm) from when I was sitting on the floor, I've tried various things (such as pressing at different points, trying to restart it etc) to revive the phone but nothing has worked. When charging, the phone doesn't show anything...
  7. RobertWinkler

    Solved! HP dead after bios update

    I have reinstalled my HP laptop and everything worked just fine. Then i went to the drivers section and downloaded a bios update. The update downloaded and i started the program. The program told me something that he cannot flash bios because of someUEFI issue. But there was second uption, Only...
  8. X

    Solved! Lenovo thinkpad 13 goes black and max fan speed?

    Hey A college just dropped off her Lenovo Thinkpad 13 laptop.. She said the screen would randomly go black and ramp up the fans and stay like this, until she hold the power button down for 10-20 seconds.. First thing i noticed was if I pick up the laptop and shake it a little on the login...
  9. B

    Solved! Asus x540s black screen

    Hi everyone! I have an Asus x540s laptop. Usually, i can't turn on.. When i connect the charging cable, automatically turn on, but the screen remains black. When i shut it down, by pressing the power button.. 5 seconds and turn on.. No asus logo, nothing at all. Around the 1000th times, when...
  10. I

    Question Delayed start

    When closing then reopening the top of my Lenovo 9i, the screen stays black for 15-20 seconds then its fine but sometimes it just restarts on its own. This happens whether I'm plugged in or on battery power. It happens when I have a video open (any type, YT, HBO, Showtime, etc). The video...
  11. C

    Solved! Asus laptop boots up but the screen remains completely black, and a monitor doesn’t detect it. any idea on what the problem might be?

    One day my laptop’s screen just wouldn’t turn on. So far I’ve tried: Turning it on and off, doing a hard reset, shining a light on/around the screen(there was nothing, it’s just purely black) and plugging it into a monitor. (which had been tested with a pc, neither it nor the cables are faulty)...
  12. Dragonsbloodmoon

    Question Laptop screen issue (haven't found exact issue elsewhere)

    The laptop was given to me because of this issue. It was barely used. It's a Gateway MD7822u with Windows Vista (yes I know it's kinda old now '07 to be exact, but has pretty good specs and I'd like to install Linux if I can get this fixed). I press the power key and the screen turns on like it...
  13. Cassiehunt

    Question Samsung Tab E screen wont light up

    I have a Samsung galaxy tab e that was unfortunately mistreated by someone which has caused the backlight/LCD screen to light up. It still powers on and works you just can't see the screen. I've watched YouTube videos, taken it apart to make sure all wires and strips are attached with no luck...
  14. aaron17_07

    Solved! ACER Aspire E14 Black Screen

    I have an old Aspire E 14 (E5-475-37MN) and recently, after a windows update my laptop’s display won’t work. After researching, I connected my laptop in an external display and it worked. I wanted to view through my laptop’s display and I did what the solutions told me to; one of which is...
  15. G

    Solved! Toshiba: powers up, no splash screen, no caps or num lock lights

    I have a Toshiba Satellite C55d B5102 in very good condition. I bought it at a garage sale, upgraded it to Win 10, and it worked fine for a few weeks. Then it started dying somewhat slowly... it would hang, not start up, system clock would reset, battery seemed to be dying. In other words, it...
  16. F

    Question Are all laptop lcd cables made equal?

    I suspect my laptop's lcd cable is having issues so I bought an lcd screen and a cable. When I got the cable it seems that it's not exactly for my laptop. My laptop's lcd cable is DD0XJCLC030 While the cable I bought is DD0XJCLC000 I tried it on my laptop but the screen still isn't working...
  17. A

    Solved! New laptop panel goes black with Nvidia drivers

    Long story short, I got a new panel to replace my laptop's current one. Same brand and everything. When I turn the computer On the screen starts normally, shows the MSI logo but as soon as it boots to windows the screen just goes black. Did a fresh drivers install with DDU on safe mode (the...
  18. S

    Solved! Acer Aspire won’t turn on.

    I have an Acer Aspire ES-1 711. Had it for 5 years. Now it doesn’t turn on anymore. The left LED on the front goes on and off . I hear a pulsating fan-like sound and repeatedly three metal “tickings”, like a relay. Anyone know what to do?
  19. Axellion

    Question Issues with 2 Toshiba TVs

    One TV (Model: 50l4353d) has a black screen when I turn it on. However, when I flash a light onto it - a image appears. So I think the backlight isn't working but how would I fix this? The other TV (Model: 32w3453db) works fine for a few seconds after turning it on. However, a few seconds after...
  20. ftothn

    Solved! Toshiba satellite L850-1P2 laptop boot problem

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite L850-1P2 laptop. I broke the screen accidentally and I sent it to a laptop service. After I got my computer I turned it on and my screen was black and there was a little white line on the left top of the screen. The screen sometimes turs completely black, and...
  21. I

    Solved! Samsung UN39FH5000FXZA black screen with ok audio

    I tried rebooting the tv but it didn't help. I did the flashlight test and can see very faint images, so I'm assuming the backlight is down. What component(s) most likely should be replaced?
  22. MasterLewis

    Solved! lenovo ideapad miix 310-10icr screen black

    I have a lenovo ideapad miix 310-10icr it is booting up but the screen is black. I have removed the back and with the back off the screen stays on just fine. Any ideas?
  23. G

    Question PC won't boot after applying thermal paste

    Hello everyone, I had my laptop for more than 4 years now. A few month ago, when i was playing, sometimes there were random fps drops, like if the computer was unplugged, that lasts for a random time. I wasn't able to figure out why at this time, it wasn't a big deal. It happened more and...
  24. J

    Solved! No BIOS on Boot - Lenovo X1 Carbon

    Hello, So I've ran into an issue where a laptop that i'm servicing will no longer boot the BIOS. When I press the power button, F1-12 will light up, along with the power button, but that's about it. Context: This laptop previously had a Windows upgrade (not an update) to it. As some of you...
  25. K

    Question What Caused This Black Screen At The Start of the Boot Up?

    Today, when I got home, I booted up my Laptop (Lenovo Y720). When it got past the log in, All i saw was a black screen and a small cmd window displaying "windows 32". I managed to fix this by going into my task manager, clicking on file, clicking "run a new task" and then typing in...
  26. H

    Solved! White lines appearing on black screen, screen not turning on properly or low quality screen.

    Okay, guys, I've searched the internet far and wide and could not find a solution. At first, my phone screen would flicker sometimes to black in the middle of doing something. Now, it takes a few attempts to start up the screen normally. It either powers on, showing a black screen...