Solved! Lenovo thinkpad 13 goes black and max fan speed?


Sep 2, 2015

A college just dropped off her Lenovo Thinkpad 13 laptop..

She said the screen would randomly go black and ramp up the fans and stay like this, until she hold the power button down for 10-20 seconds..

First thing i noticed was if I pick up the laptop and shake it a little on the login screen then it will go black screen and speed up the fans..

I'm not sure what can cause this... Bad mounted CPU/RAM? or what are your thoughts on this?

Did have a quick look inside, but everything looks fine at first glance.. But I have not disassembled yet it down to the CPU yet.. Wanted to know if you guys had any ideas what this could be?
Fans spinning up and laptop not working is usually a sign of a failed motherboard. Need to do some basic troubleshooting here, try other RAM, reset the BIOS and battery.