Question ACER Aspire E14 Black Screen

Sep 21, 2020
I have an old Aspire E 14 (E5-475-37MN) and recently, after a windows update my laptop’s display won’t work. After researching, I connected my laptop in an external display and it worked. I wanted to view through my laptop’s display and I did what the solutions told me to; one of which is: uninstalling the display driver and reinstalling them. This did not work and my Laptop’s display is still black. (It’s black but it’s lit.) I then tried to Rollback my display driver and after the restart, I couldn’t get my external displays to work anymore. I tried 2 working monitors for this and I still can’t see anything.

Note that if I turn on my laptop, I can’t see the Acer Logo and even if I press the button for bios or the hard reset thing where you click Alt + F10, I can’t see anything. I’m guessing my display’s hardware is busted but it’s impossible for my external monitors to be broken too. I have tried function keys (Fn + F5 or F6) to try to set my external displays as my main display but it simply won’t work anymore after the rollback. Please help!


If you can't even see the BIOS load then the screen is bad. The reason the external display stopped working when you messed with the drivers is that it needs the drivers to run the external display and whatever it ended up going back to can't run it.
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I figured you are right, but is there any way or solution to be able to use my laptop again?
You can try using a remote desktop connection to the laptop using another computer to load the drivers, find out what the IP address is using your router and use the MSTSC tool built into Windows to access it. And of course replacing the screen will allow you to use your laptop again.
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