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    Question How to connect firestick through older home theater without HDMI

    I have an old Sony STR-K4800P home theater system without HDMI and I'd like to have my firestick play through the system. One suggestion is to purchase this: HDMI to Composite AV Converter for Amazon Fire Streaming Stick -...
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    Solved! How to connect old Pioneer surround sound system to LG TV + Nintendo Switch?

    I have inherited a surround system from a sibling who moved away. It's a Pioneer XV-DV252 with a DVD/CD Receiver and no HDMI input/output. I've attached a photo of the ports on the back of the receiver: The receiver can connect to my LG 32LH35FD TV through component...
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    Please help me.. laptop to dvd(surroud sound)but w/o hdmi

    Hi.. i'm new here.. can you guys help me..i tried to use my dvd player/cinema system as surround system for my hp laptop but the dvd player doesn't have hdmi in.. laptop = 1 hdmi hdtv = 2 hdmi and several plugs.. :) dvd player = 1 hdmi out, 1 optical, and several plugs.. the tv is.. JVC...