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  1. miluti

    Solved! HP Notebook 17-x010ca was dropped 3ft onto a rug; backlight works, but no picture. Everything else seem to work when connected to an external monitor.

    HP Notebook 17-x010ca fell 3ft onto a rug. :( Backlight works (brightness, too) but NO picture. No beeps, no flashing lights. It'll brighten/dim as it goes through booting up, but no image. Nothing showing with a flashlight. Everything appears to work fine when hooked up to my TV (login...
  2. S

    Lenovo s41 (u41 in other countries) suddenly failing to turn on

    Hello, my brother has a lenovo s41 laptop, with windows 10 home, a core i3 5005u, a gtx 940m 2gb, 8gb of kingston hyperx ddr3 1600mhz single channel ram and a 1tb hdd. Today, when he tried to turn it on, the laptop would turn (power button iluminated in white) but without image on the screem...
  3. C

    Solved! Black Screen on HP 17-e117dx

    I have a 6 month old refurbished laptop which recognizes any external monitor, vga or hdmi, but not the built-in screen. I have: -reinstalled windows 10 -reinstalled the amd drivers for the radeon built-in 7640g video adapter -did hard reset -doublechecked the (2) 4gb simms -tested for slight...