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    Laptop with Broken Screen Won't Connect with an External Monitor

    I have a laptop with a broken screen so I have to connect to an external monitor to use it. I initially was able to connect to an external monitor after trying some stuff. However after a power outage while using the laptop, I proceed to sleep just to wake up and find that my external monitor...
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    Dell 5520 Laptop Second Monitor Detected but NO Signal

    This happened a couple of days ago. My siblings' computer stopped getting video signal, right after their monitor fell on floor. I decided to try it on my laptop which already has an external screen connected to it, just to see if the monitor is faulty or it could be something else. So i...
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    Setting 1080i 50hz on Android TV Box

    Dear everybody, I have got an old Samsung TV which - according to its manual - can display 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p and 1080i, though it hasn't got any HDMI inputs. Luckily it has a YPbPr input. I bought a H96 Pro+ Android TV box and an HDMI to YPbPr converter for this old television. Both of...
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    lg monitor does not connect to laptop

    my brand new lg 24en43 monitor will not connect to my laptop threw HDMI! It recognizes it but says that there is no signal