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  1. R

    dis sime card is block now

    Kirishna kumar debbarma
  2. S

    How to block a number of spam person from my sim card permanently

    One guy is calling me daily. I have blocked his number from truwcalleril. But that notification is coming for me whenever they call me. I need to block his number permanently from my sim.i am using idea sim. It's my personal number so I couldn't change my number.
  3. C

    Foam acoustic to avoid noises

    Hello, well the problem is that i live in a rented room and there are other persons in rooms next to mine, so i want to know what i can use to avoid my noises while gaming to hear in the room next to mine, maybe a wall full of acoustic foam or what else i can use?
  4. Pauuuuulix

    Best Bluetooth Noise Cancellation Headphones

    Recommend me headphones with good sound quality. Bluetooth and noise cancellation are must-be.
  5. yanis31

    Can Wireless Headphones Solve GROUND LOOP/ HUMMING noise issues?

    please share some info if you have it - will be greatly appreciated, i just moved to a cheap office, did some small renovation/upkeep work and to my surprise discovered i have no ground connected in the wall sockets (facepalm)! - NOTE, i use a USB soundblaster card and the usb connection DOES...
  6. L

    How to record low frequency bass noise?

    How can I record low frequency bass neighbor noise? Police say they can't hear it and won't do anything unless I can prove it. I feel the vibrations more than hear them. The sound is below 250Hz and between 78 and 105 dB, C-weighted frequency. All I have is an HP laptop. What do I need to...