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  1. Abbas27

    Solved! Need experts opinion for Laptop ASAP please.

    I am posting the form that was mentioned to be posted when asking for recommendation, i dont wanna waste my money This form makes it easier for us to recommend you a laptop, so we don't have to ask you lots of questions. Please copy and paste these questions into the thread you post, and we...
  2. G

    Python?? ?? ??

    So i know this is software but i am really bad at this and need help. So i started learning python like .. today and i am stuck on this, i know this will be realy easy to some, but like said i am really bad, heres a link --
  3. S

    Galaxy i9505 flash damage control! In dire need of help!

    Hello forum, I may have bricked my new galaxy s4 i9505, tried to istall a custom ROM and ended up flashing both the bootloader and pda with the ROM, need help to find stock bootloader and pda. I'm using odin! Please help!
  4. G

    Screen Flickering and Very White Dell XPS 15 L502x

    Hi there! I recently installed a new screen for my Dell XPS 15 L502x laptop. The screen is: LG PHILIPS LP156WF1(TP)(B1), and ever since installing it, I have had problems. My entire screen is a pale white, but I can still see what I am doing. Also, every few seconds my screen will flicker with...
  5. N

    What do you guys reckon about my new laptop build?

    Hey guys, so my brother took initiative and got me a laptop without my advice, and he didn't consider my gaming addiction! He got the Dell Inspiron 17R Special edition. Details: Processor: 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i7-3630QM processor (up to 3.40 GHz,, 6M cache) Memory: 6144MB (1x2048 +...