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  1. Bomberdawg

    Question AT 2020 Connection Issues w/ Behringer to PC

    Recently bought an AT 2020 on Amazon, along with a Behringer preamp for a new setup. I did all the usual assembly and wiring and noticed the PC sees my devices, but for some reason is not detecting it as a mic. Wondering how to troubleshoot this issue. I can hear in my AT headset that the mic is...
  2. Secritek

    Solved! Laptop detecting my Nvidia 710M as unplugged

    Hello, ive come here to ask because i dont know what to do anymore :c Today, ive noticed i couldnt change any setting in Nvidia Control Panel because i always received an Acess Denied message. From what i found around the internet, it mightve been related to faulty drivers and they advised to...
  3. J

    Solved! SD Card not detected in Samsung J2 Core

    Today, all of a sudden in the morning, my phone (Samsung J2 Core) showed up a notification saying - "SD Card Removed - Social network content won't be saved to the SD card anymore. Any content you've saved to the SD card won't be available". My SD Card is unmounted from my phone. It is missing...