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  1. M

    how to find puk number for T8 smart watch with m2m solutions vive o2 sim

    i have a T8 smartwatch with a m2m solutions vive o2 sim that was programmed for use with an at&t phone, how can i unlock the sim to use with another smart watch?
  2. M

    samsung j1 cant connect to o2 or tesco .. duel sim phone nether one registers please help

    i bought the duos phone from a 2nd hand dealer but when i tryed both sims yesterday and today still no joy
  3. W

    Do I need / What DAC to go with Objective2 amp?

    Hello I'm kind of a noob with amps and dacs and I have this question that i need answer for before I buy anything. I'm going to build Objective2 headphone amp (building isn't a problem for me) but now I'd like to know if I even need a external DAC or am I good to go with my motherboards...
  4. S

    o2 puk code

    My phone is locked to tesco mobile but wanting to unlock it to any network
  5. GreenEyedBiter

    Unlock the network of an American Iphone4???!

    I got given an iphone4 when I was in The States, it was originally on the network AT&T, which is an American network and cannot be received here in the UK. I've been told that I can get it 'unlocked' so that it will work on any network in any country, however upon contacting Apple, they told me...
  6. U

    Google nexus 7 lte version not working with giffgaff sim

    I have let it search for an operator automatically without success tried manually selecting o2 and still no luck. Turned on aeroplane mode and the other options and off again and still nothing. Need help please.