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    Question Help!PS4 & Computer Audio into Mixer (Without Loopback)

    Howdy folks! First post here and I hope you experts can help an audio noob in need. I've been trying for an age to get my setup right and to no avail (Even through YouTube). I run a gaming channel and would like to improve our streams by having all audio monitored through one mixer, this will...
  2. K

    Question Monitor brightness effect streaming and recording

    I have my monitor brightness is low because my eyes hurt. So my question is does my brightness effect the stream output? When i record or stream will the video be also in low brightness? sorry for bad english :(
  3. K

    Need help finding gameplay recorder

    I want to record my gameplay for YouTube using free software that I can mess with the settings to what I want. I know about obs and have tried it several times but I don't really find it very good software it either doesn't ever load my video or doesn't record audio something always goes wrong...
  4. L

    Help with livestreaming setup

    Hi Guys, my name is Luca and I am based in the UK. I am new to live streaming and i would like to set up a live session. I have got a sonyHD-C330 camera ith an HDMI (i think micro) output. What devic would i need to live stream using OBS as a broadcstng software on youtube and facebook? Reading...
  5. T

    Videos Freezing When Wacth.

    So when I record a video and watch it, it stutters really badly.. (Example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnyIH5Kk6Wk ) And its not just the pc, I tried putting it on a usb then watching it on another pc, and it did the same thing, so it has to be the recording I think, I tried 2 recording...
  6. D

    Laptop for Recording

    Hey everyone I am looking for a fairly cheap laptop that I can use obs on with an elgato for recording xbox one gameplay. I move my xbox around quite a bit when playing it and keep it at my friends house a lot of the time. I am looking for something fairly portable in the 13"-15" range. I want...
  7. Justin Ulysse

    Screen Recording not Working

    Ever since I upgraded from my integrated GPU to a dedicated GPU, multiple screen recording platforms have not been working (this includes OBS and HyperCam). I do not expect to be able to stream, just screen record. My computer specs (my computer is rather old): Factory made computer: Dell...
  8. G

    Stuttering on 1080p 60FPS in OBS

    When I record at 1080p 60FPS in OBS at 8000 bitrate, 0 buffer size, quality balance at 10 and CBR disabled, CPU preset at veryfast, the video stutters A LOT. Not the actual game (Jedi Academy, in this case), but the video. What's the problem? Specs : i5 4460 GTX 970 8GB HyperX Savage RAM, dual...
  9. A

    OBS and Vegas Settings

    Hi I am kinda new to the whole making videos and rendering and I just have a couple of questions.... Specs OBS - Record Sony Vegas Pro 13 - Edit/Render FX 6300 R9 270 8gb RAM 1. If I record a video with OBS with a bit-rate of 10,000, then I render that video in Vegas with a bit-rate of...
  10. C

    Dxtory recording software and OBS help

    So I downloaded Dxtory full version. The quality was okay but I wanted better. I downloaded the Lagarith Losless codec and now when I record I only get the sound. It says it's an AVI file but it is just a music note where the video should be and I don't even hear any sound. I have tried...
  11. R

    Fraps replacement -> OBS?

    Hi tom's hardware! Hello. I wanna make some videos out of a specific game, it's an old korean mmo with graphics from 2004 but an abnormally high CPU load (50% or so). My specs aren't the best: core2duo 6600 2.4ghz, 4gb Ram, ati hd 4670, 1360x768 resolution. I moved away from Fraps because the...