Stuttering on 1080p 60FPS in OBS



When I record at 1080p 60FPS in OBS at 8000 bitrate, 0 buffer size, quality balance at 10 and CBR disabled, CPU preset at veryfast, the video stutters A LOT. Not the actual game (Jedi Academy, in this case), but the video. What's the problem? Specs :
i5 4460
GTX 970
8GB HyperX Savage RAM, dual channel
MSi Z87 G41
1TB 7200 RPM SATA3 hard drive

How can I fix this? Can I fix it at all?

Frankyy Picanza

Feb 25, 2015
ok first, you should check the x264 if you don't have nvidia nvenc, and use CBR and activate the CBR padding and use custom buffer size,,, then, you choose your max bitrate and buffer size,, then, go in Advanced in the settings and use multithreaded optimization in process priority class : high,,, in video
: high quality or high performance, there is a lot of choice with the NVENC, or if you use x264 choose ultra-fast, and check use CFR,, me I use 30000 in max bitrate and 33000 in buffer size and it look extremely good for uploading on YouTube but I have some better specs than yours except for the GTX 970 which I also have,, and with the 60fps my videos are a little laggy too, but in 30fps for webcam and videogame it is perfect