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  1. H

    Question Should I buy onboard memory laptop?

    Hi, I am very much interested in buying DELL New Inspiron 15 5590 Laptop (i7-10510U). However it comes with 8GB (4Gx1 + 4G onboard), DDR4, 2666MHz. I have two questions which I didn't find answer online. 1. What happens if onboard memory gets corrupted? Can laptop just run with another slot...
  2. bailojustin

    ACER Aspire R15 (R5-571T-57Z0) Has 4GB RAM

    I recently purchased 4 Acer Aspire R15 (R5-571T-57Z0). Upon receiving them the first thing I do is open them up to see how well the laptop was assembled, the quality of components, and just a general check that everything matches up. I UNDERSTAND EMBEDDED ONBOARD MEMORY. First what stood out...