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    Solved! One plus 5 camera

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. Soon I'll be going on holiday and I wanted to take pictures but at the moment, I only have a One Plus 5. I was wondering if this is good to shoot in low light situations as I plan on taking pictures of the night sky. If it's not, are there any...
  2. S

    Fast Laptop Randomly Starts To Run Games Laggy And Slow!!! (Please Help Me) <3

    So I have had this Toshiba p855-s5200 for a while now. The thing ran like a beast sometimes it would get (Call Of Duty Black Ops 2) To High Settings While Recording! But one day it just took a poop on me and it can't even run the game on low without recording? Here Is The Laptop...
  3. E

    Xbox One DVI will only display 480p?

    I recently have been attempting to make my Xbox One picture display better. I have a Panasonic Rear Projection TV that supports 1080i. My Xbox One has been using an HDMI to Composite Convertor due to the TV not having an HDMI port. It looks fine, but its cut off on the edges and theres a small...
  4. R

    Senheiser Game One vs Zero for CS:GO and Music??

    Hi, I am looking for headphones primarily for CS:GO and music however i am not sr ure whether to go for closed or open back versions of these Senheiser headsets :)
  5. A

    Which one is better?

    Tell me which one is better Lenovo IdeaPad G50-30 Black or Acer Extensa 2511 Black Design 2015
  6. N

    Logitech G35 or Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma?

    Hello community! I'm in a bad situation. So i have to get a new Headset as my current Logitech G35 is about 3-4 years old so it's slowly failing. Anyway, i really wanna choose between the Razer Kraken 7.1 or the just get a new Logitch G35 again as i really liked the sound in it. I want a...
  7. apcs13

    HTC One M8 Texting/Signal Issue

    Hi everyone, I just recently purchased the new HTC One M8 on a new contract with Verizon roughly three weeks ago. So far, I absolutely love the phone, and really enjoy almost everything about it. However, I do have one rarely occuring problem with it, however when it does occur it is very...
  8. FredJr

    Smartphone help please!

    I currently have a S3 and want to upgrade. Should I purchase the S5 OR S3?
  9. Z

    acer aspire one with missing drivers etc.

    ok, so I only recently started trying to learn how to fix computers myself, so I'll try to explain what my problem is as best I can. My roommate gave me his old laptop recently and he had removed windows seven (which it had come preinstalled with) and in so doing I guess he somehow lost the...
  10. SintelUK

    Unroot HTC One SV

    I've rooted my HTC One SV, but im trying to unroot it and i cant find the RUU for it anywhere. Can anyone help me out here? Also its the LTE T-Mobile version.
  11. S

    iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4?

    I'm looking for either an iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4. Can someone recommend me which one is the better phone? Also, is it safe to buy one of these phones off of Amazon?