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    Solved! Backup entire Office 365 domain

    My company is looking for a backup solution to back up our entire Office 365, including emails, SharePoint online site collection, and users OneDrive data. Checked some brands like Veeam, Upsafe, Cloudbacko, Systools, MailsDaddy. Not sure which one is good. Any suggestion?
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    How to Embed OneDrive Files into a Website

    If you have a website or a blog, you may want to use some of your OneDrive files on your page to enhance it with videos, text or photos. OneDrive, which is Microsoft’s file-storing software, allows you to embed files into your website fairly easily within the app. All you need to do is retrieve...
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    How to Sync Files with OneDrive

    OneDrive is an app for Windows users that allows you to store files up to 10GB in size. OneDrive functions like any other folder on your PC and will even pop up above your Libraries in File Explorer. Uploading and syncing files is as simple as moving them to another folder. Step 1: After you...