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    i can see all locked wifi networks around me but the free open network will not show up on my LG phones. it use to on my samsu

    Why can 't i see the free wifi network i've always used but can't since i switched to an LG phone?
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    i instal windows 7 ultimate and not back up my file. then when the instaler set up finish. my loptop cant see or detect any wi

    i also try open network and sharing and it say you are not currently connect to any network and i instal intel my wifi technology and other intel software also i try to look to the to device manager and all say working properly acept the other divice have yelow warning and i open it and it say...
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    Internet extremely sluggish and occasional "server not found" on firefox.

    Hello everyone I am running windows 8.1 on a laptop. So long story short my ISP had a problem ("Unidentified Network") with my whole house yesterday, fixed the internet in 2 days , then only skype was working but firefox said "server not found" and other browsers didn't respond at all. Then I...
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    How do I get the code to open network from tmobile to 02

    How do I get the code to open network from tmobile to 02 Alcatel8040g
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    Atheros wireless internet adapter

    Hello, My laptop keeps losing internet connection for no reason, and when it does this, I have to open network center, disable the adapter then enable adapter to get a connection again. Has anybody else encounterd this problem?