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  1. veda2701

    Roku3 + Ultima Activ Teufel + Optima Projector

    Hi all! I have a Roku 3, Teufel Ultima Aktiv speaker system and a Optoma HD142X DLP projector that I need to connect. The Teufel speakers are Bluetooth enabled with a built in receiver, but only 1 HDMI slot. The Roku3 also only has one. Where do I even begin linking these three?
  2. A

    Optima hd143x and 3D with an old receiver

    So I just purchased the optima he 143x and the picture is unreal. I bought the dlp glasses because I was told I do not need the RF transmitter that optima sells to use this. Problem is my PS3 and Xbox one are going through an older receiver then to the projector. They are all high speed hdmi...
  3. S

    How can I use aux input in car audio system with portable CD player?

    [b]Bought new 2017 kia Optima car. It doesn't have a CD player. We have numerous CDs. Can I use a relatively inexpensive cd player connected to the sound system aux port? What would I need?
  4. D

    Images Not Shone!

    Hello, after I plugged my SD card (2g Optima) from my Canon Powershot SD1300IS camera, the images that i have taken do not appear. I have tried this on multiple computers..? Please help!
  5. M

    Optima Centoris G200N Laptop charger

    Hi, Does anyone know the replacement number for the AC adapter of a Optima Centoris G200N Laptop charger or perhaps a good substitute as I cant seem to find anything online. Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. W

    Projector splitter

    i have a optima hd projector and want to split the feed into 2 or 4 different sources, like computer, game, tv, tv, what devicedo i need to buy to make this work?
  7. V

    Recovery software for optima sd card

    cant access my data (pictures) in my PNY OPTIMA SD HC 4GB MEMORY CARD and 'tis asking for a format, what do i do? ...don't wanna lose my pictures!
  8. G

    GE Optima Antenna for DTV ??

    Archived from groups: alt.video.digital-tv (More info?) <http://www.jascoproducts.com/cgi-local/SoftCart.exe/online-store/scstore/go/cea_94713_open.html?L+scstore+ynmj9378ff40e240+1118306094> My Zenith Silver Sensor arrived today, but so far, it doesn't work much better than my Philips VHF...