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Outlook 2000

Forum discussion tagged with Outlook 2000.
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    Password Protect Outlook

    I'm using Outlook 2000. Is there anyway to password protect it? I can't find the option anywhere to ask for a password each time Outlook starts. ...if not, are there any add-ins that I can use to do this? Thanks. <font color=purple><i>Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where...
  2. G

    Outlook 2000 Q: Opening pst file but wierd errors

    Hello, I have a .pst file that is over 2gigs, I updated to version sr-1 and everything worked fine. Over the weekend all of a sudden, I cannot open my outlook.pst file anymore, I get the error saying "Properties for this file are not defined." I have no idea what this means. Thanks, John
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    Outlook 2000

    Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, this one ticked me off. I am using Microsoft Outlook 2000 on my home computer and decided to download the latest security patches for it. Well in so doing Microsoft decided to take it upon themselves to tell me what kind of Files I can receive and Send as attachments...