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  1. A

    Solved! Audio set up

    Hey guys, basically whats happening, im trying to set up some subwoofers at home. Because i have 4x12 subwoofer which i got out of my old car and they just collecting dust. Im gonna make 2 separate boxes, so each box will accommodate 2 subs. Im about to use citronix plx3600 2 channel amp,1800rms...
  2. S

    Wireless speakers for a business centre

    Hi there, I've started taking an interest in Ubiquity wireless solutions and have been helping a customer of my Mums with programming and deploying these systems in different setups. Hes come to me with a new project, an outdoor wireless network down the length of a street (about 500m)...
  3. shrinerh

    Amp suggestions for PA speaker

    I just installed this PA horn in my Jeep. It isn't particularly loud, nor was I expecting it to be, but I'm somewhat confused when it comes to getting an amplifier for it. NOTE: Every forum post I have seen so far online usually devolves to either quarrels about laws in different states...
  4. Racinglife12

    Are these budget speakers worth it?

    Hi I have something to ask here. I recently have caught my eyes on some Skytronic speakers for just a little more than 200 euro for a pair. They are the SkyTec Disco PA speaker 2x 15" 1000W LED. I'm going to place them in a room which is 4.70m by 3.60m. The Amp that is going to power them is a...
  5. N

    Assorted questions related to my gigging setup.

    Hi, I have a collection of questions. Some of which I've tried searching for with no success and others I may be able to find answers to. I thought since I'm asking for help anyway it wouldn't hurt lumping them all in together. I play gigs at pubs, local festivals etc but have been largely...