Jan 12, 2014
I just installed this PA horn in my Jeep. It isn't particularly loud, nor was I expecting it to be, but I'm somewhat confused when it comes to getting an amplifier for it.

NOTE: Every forum post I have seen so far online usually devolves to either quarrels about laws in different states regarding the use of horns, let alone amplified horns, in vehicles, or people simply saying that the novelty of it wears off and it's best not to waste your money. I don't care about either of these.

My question then, is this: What are some reasonably priced amps that I could use just for the PA in my Jeep? It doesn't need to be fancy, but I'm not going to cheap out if I shouldn't. If I can use an external knob such as this sort of thing, that would be ideal. If it matters, the PA is currently attached to my CB through a 3.5mm jack. I'm not very knowledgeable in the field of audio, so any advice on doing this is greatly appreciated. It would also be awesome if the amp and any additional whatnots could all be purchased from amazon.

EDIT: I did come across this. Would this do what I need it to? If so, how?


Sep 26, 2002
1st off, I'm not an expert at car audio or anything like that, I'm a retired professional bassist. 1500 watts for a horn is *A LOT*. My rig on stage was 600 watts, and that's for bass, our guitarist only had a 100watt amp, and that was extremely loud when needed. Next up, what's the wattage of your horn that you want to amplify, if it takes 1500 watts, then a 1500 watt amplifier will match up nicely. If it's a 25watt horn, you'll only blow it with anything more than that, also, there's peak and continuous to worry about. My cabinet (the part with the speakers in it) is 600 watts continuous and 2000 watts peak. This means that a 600 watt or smaller amp will work well with it, but if I've got a 600 watt amp on full and there's a surge it can handle that surge for short periods of time. Remember that here I'm kinda oversimplifying it, there's actually a lot of variables to sound and good sound reproduction, and you don't always get the best sound for the highest price, you have to put together the whole system to get a good sound.


Nov 4, 2016
It's not easy to say about the good amp for PA speakers. There has plenty of consideration before choose amp for PA speakers such as speakers impedance, matching with the amp, amp class etc. You didn't put here any information about your speaker.

HORNS - use very LOW power.
If you are trying to power a horn w/ a 1500W amp, you are going to BLOW the horn.