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    Question Can't pair Sony speaker CMT-X3CD with chromebook & smartphone

    Hi I cannot connect my above Sony speaker with either my new Chromebook or my new smartphone (although I've been able to connect it to my now rather obsolete IPad). When I am trying to connect it to the Chromebook, the speaker name is appearing within 'Settings', but as an 'Unpaired Device' and...
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    Question Onn subwoofer won’t pair to soundbar.

    I can’t get an onn soundbar and subwoofer to link together after the sub stopped working. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff. Anyone know anything about this? It’s the 36” 5.1 with sub and rear speakers from Walmart for $169. I’ve tried linking after leaving them unplugged for 30 min. Unplugging my...
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    Solved! Pairing A Samsung Non-Smart Remote UN70TU7000FXZA

    How come, all of a sudden after we lost power due to a storm, by standard Samsung remote cannot sync with my Verizon Fios remote? I have a brand new Samsung Crystal UHD 7 Series TV. The TV did not come with a Smart remote but a standard remote (BN59-01315J). The first time I setup my TV I was...
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    Solved! Pairing an existing subwoofer and satellite speakers to a new sound bar

    I have the Vizio 42” 5.1 S4251w Sound bar with sub and satellite speakers. The sound bar quit working today, and I wonder if I buy a new Visio sound bar if it will pair with my wired sub and the satellite speakers with the system?
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    Solved! Pairing Samsung Smart Remote with IPTV STB GX-TR500EL

    Hy, Please help me pairing my Samsung Smart remote with my Samsung STB (IP tv receiver) model GX-TR500EL. I have a 55MU6102 that does not have the GX-TR500EL in list. I have the 1205 firmware updated. The old STB Model was working just fine with my smart remote and I could acces the STB menu...
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    Is there a way to answer my phone on my PC? and talk with my usb headphones and mic? ( Solved )

    I remember when I used my console and had a pair of headphones that through Bluetooth connected my phone to my headphones and allowed me to with the push of a button on the head set answer incoming calls with out having to look away from the screen or hold the phone preventing me from playing...