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  1. U

    Question Photo Storage that doesn't change the date of your photos? Do any exist?

    I am already a subscriber to Amazon Prime, so I have access to their photo storage service. I am a Dropbox user for all of my regular work and personal files. So I can save photos there without any additional cost. I am currently a subscriber to the Pro edition of Flikr. So I can store all of...
  2. Jennifer_Fennell

    Solved! Photo manipulation apps

    Which is the easiest photo manipulation apps for photo editing?
  3. K

    Question What's the best was to organize photos on Cell & Google Photos?

    I’m looking for a way to clean up my photos & vids on my cell via my laptop. It’s too hard to sort thru 1000’s of files on the phone itself. In the past I’ve used “ApowerManager” app on my phone that connect the phone to the PC. It had a really good interface to see, download to your PC or...