Question Photo Storage that doesn't change the date of your photos? Do any exist?

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Oct 1, 2021
I am already a subscriber to Amazon Prime, so I have access to their photo storage service.
I am a Dropbox user for all of my regular work and personal files. So I can save photos there without any additional cost.
I am currently a subscriber to the Pro edition of Flikr. So I can store all of my photos there and continue to pay their $7 per month.
I am also a google storage subscriber for work related items and therefore have enough space there to also store my photos in Google Photos.

However, with all of the above services I have access to, I find that if I download any of the photos from their site it changes the date and also drops the location where the photo was taken.

Is there a way to fix this or a service that I can buy who will let me keep all of my information intact. I have to believe there are other who wouldn't want to lose this info.

I don't understand why I have to give up information to upload something and then if I ever download it is now less than before...unless it is to make sure I never leave their service.

Any help would be appreciated.



Does the EXIF information traverse properly?

Via Amazon Prime Photo, yes it does.

I just downloaded a pic I took two years ago.
The EXIF info shows "Date Taken 9/28/2019"

The file name of the file I just downloaded, shows Oct 1 2021 in File Explorer.
Because it is a NEW file.
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