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    Question Photo Storage that doesn't change the date of your photos? Do any exist?

    I am already a subscriber to Amazon Prime, so I have access to their photo storage service. I am a Dropbox user for all of my regular work and personal files. So I can save photos there without any additional cost. I am currently a subscriber to the Pro edition of Flikr. So I can store all of...
  2. B

    Question How to extend Internal memory on an Android 9 TV ?

    Hi! I have a JVC branded Android9 TV (43LT series). It comes with 16GB of internal memory of which Android etc takes up 8GB. I use the TV for iptv via the Tivimate app. I'd like to have a folder for my recordings. To augment the internal memory I have a high capacity USB attached. I am able to...
  3. S

    Question SSD upgrade on my Aspire E 15 E5-575-72L3

    i have Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-72L3 laptop which i use for my personal use and to learn coding and do maintain documents. i used macbook pro in my last company and i got used to the speed and performance on macbook. i am thinking of replacing the HDD in my Acer laptop and was thinking of going...
  4. O

    Question Hp pendrive releated issue.

    Why does my 16gb HP v215b pendrive show 15.1gb usable storage? I format it with Fat32 but nothing changes. How is it possible? Thanks for advance. These are screenshots.
  5. H

    Solved! Messages app taking up 800mb with little files

    Hiya! My Messages app (the one installed with the phone) takes up 795.9mb of my storage. However, I only have 2 conversations with no images or large files attached. When I go into Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Messages, all sections of Documents & Data have Zero KB in them, so there's...
  6. R

    HD appears and disappears

    I bought an MSI GF63-8RD recently. It has a 1 TB HDD and a 128 GB SSD. 3 weeks after I bought it, I am experiencing some problem with the HDD. When I switch on my laptop, the HDD is there but after a minute or two it disappears. If I put my laptop to sleep then wake it up again, the Intel rapid...
  7. K

    How do I make downloaded files go directly to SD card and clear phone storage - Blu R1 HD

    I have 16GB memory card in my phone still play store says that there is not enough space when I am about to download an app. I have turned my external SD card into internal storage by formatting it. However, even though it is basically empty and I have moved the few apps that could go on it...
  8. N

    Too much "other" and "Documents and Data" on phone

    I have tried many of the fixes found online but they never last long. Honestly I just want a program that allows me to manually delete files off my iPhone. There are many programs but it is difficult to tell which are safe and which are not. also I have no idea what category to put it under...
  9. S

    Speech to text

    I wish to commit anecdotes to paper. I would like to use a headset so that I can speak into a microphone on the move. I would then like the contents of this speech to be stored as text on a device which I can also carry around. Finally I would like to transfer this text to my laptop and edit it...
  10. E

    How do I move movies from my gallery in my Samsung cell phone to my sd card

    Dont know what thread means but cell phone is a samsung galaxy core prime
  11. U

    SD card storage - 32 GB SD Card full after one app. How is this possible?

    I bought a 32GB SD card. I started moving apps, but it got full with only one app! How is this possible? I have several apps on my 16GB Galaxy S4.
  12. CmdrJeffSinclair

    WinRAR and 7zip

    does having a powerful CPU and tons of RAM allow zipping to be significantly improved? Thanks!