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  1. tanman23

    Ageia physx on dell xps m1730

    Hello forum, I am upgrading my dell xps m1730. I have it all torn apart right now. I am putting a brand new motherboard in because it is over 7 years old. Upgrading my video card to a 9800m and also upgrading my cpu to a intel extreme x9000. My question is that this laptop had ageia physx and...
  2. G

    is my laptop running off my 780m?

    I right click on my dekstop and go to nvidia control panel and click on "configure surround, physx," and I see my laptop display is running off my intel HD graphics 4600 and it says the "physx" is running off my 780m. Does this sound right or should both display and physX be running off my 780m...
  3. G

    Physx Driver AMD

    Do i need to install Physx driver for my AMD card in order to use the CPU based Physx function? For ex. in Arkham Origins
  4. L

    NVIDIA PhysX System Software question

    NVIDIA PhysX System Software is included with the nVidia driver I recently downloaded. I do not have a clear idea what this particular software actually does. Is it really necessary?
  5. G

    Nvidia Releases PhysX 3.0

    Nvidia just announced a version of its PhysX, which is already available for download for all registered developers. Nvidia Releases PhysX 3.0 : Read more
  6. H


    H! Here, have a look at this article:,5764.html Then you can go to the site There you won't find any Physx for the ATI like claimed in the article. My question is, did nVidia realise, that saying CUDA is for everybody (meaning all...
  7. liquidsnake718

    What other applications besides games utilize Nvidias/Ageia's PhysX?

    What apps use the physX code? Any architectural apps? 3dstudio max? other 3d rendering apps?
  8. G

    Does AMD Block PhysX On Radeon Development?

    Mountain House (CA) - A few weeks ago, we learned how Nvidia is using its PhysX API to convert PhysX calculations and accelerate them on a GPU. Does AMD Block PhysX On Radeon Development? : Read more