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  1. Aribs

    Solved! Mirroring TV to screen

    I want to connect a screen to my smart TV to only mirror the picture. Is it possible using only a cable of some sorts? Ps. No pc connected.
  2. john vitz

    having trouble doing multiple cuts on gimp

    i am using gimp and every stupid time i need to cut a new part on the picture it does not cut(when i select the new cut area the rest of the image is gone and only the cut part stays). also when i deselect the cutting tool what i cut out comes back. only thing i can think of out of this simple...
  3. M

    No picture but sound is working

    I have a Sharp Aquos LC52D43U 52-Inch LCD TV I found on the street 2 nights with a sign that said working on it. When I brought it home it worked with no problem but then it stopped showing the picture after I turned it off but the audio still works. I'm sure the backlights are working cause the...
  4. H

    Not able to see/download old pictures on facebook messages

    So basically i went back about 2 years into an old facebook conversation and i found some photos that i wanted to view. But they didnt come up as normal photos. They had the file name e.g. "651361361.jpg" on the left and said download on the far right. Clicking on this does nothing. it doesnt...
  5. L

    How to receive pictures on my phone instead of a message to use a internet computer and go to website to view them.

    Been on straight talk for a year and on verizon for 20 years. Got a new straight talk phone 3 weeks ago a Samsung H881, $199.99 one. I have always, went sent a picture or video message been able to see them when I opened message. Now I get a message telling me to go to a internet computer and...