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    Question Headphones and Speakers not showing up seperately under playback devices

    I have a tongfang chasis laptop. I'm using realtek hd audio version Both Headphones and Speakers work however they are not showing up seperately under playback devices(only speakers under playback devices). Thus i cant use seperate setting for them. I also can't play audio from...
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    sound degraded after laptop suffered fall

    yesterday my Acer Aspire 5560 took a rough hit falling a few feet. I had to partly dissassemble the case to put it back together, and one USB port became unusable. Otherwise, it seemed a little beaten and bruised but workable, but today I am noticing the sound has suffered some kind fo setback...
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    how to get realtek to recognize my new headphones from my desktop speakers?

    just bought a pair of audio technica ath-ad700x and when i plug them in the asus realtek hd audio manager pops up recognizing that i plugged in a new device, i tell it that they are headphones but then there is no new device on the list of playback devices. so basically i can use them but they...