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  1. N

    Question Need help to buy a new headset ( urgent, old headset broke :'( )

    Hello, That's now 3 days my old Logitech G230 headset broke, and I would like to buy another one. I've already bought the Sennheiser Game Zero, but I returned it, because it has literally no bass. I want to use it for gaming ( all types of games ) and also listening music. I know there's already...
  2. Typhoonbot

    [so far no fixes from here work] pc sound plays through microphone

    Hey everyone, yes this is yet another case of this extremely annoying problem. And yes, I do realise there are like five hundred billion trillion and seven posts about this particular problem, all with different suggestions on how to fix it, some of which have worked for people, and others...
  3. D

    [HELP] FPS Drop after a time playing

    Hi, I really need a help. I bought a notebook yesterday, installed dota and had a surprise, this is my spec: - Notebook Sony Vaio Fit SVF15N17CB - Intel Core i7 4500U 1.8GHz (Turbo boost 3.0 ghz) - Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits (BUT COME WITH WIN8, I JUST FORMATED) - RAM 8gb ddr3 sdram - 15,5 '' LED...