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  1. 5hadowking115

    Help identifying/removing particular adware on Chrome. (Banners, pop ups, Ali Express, War Thunder, Russian Websites)

    So, for the past month, there's been this virus that I'm not even sure how I got (I visit a few shady sites, so that's probably it, though I don't know specifics) it. I've compiled a few research pieces to analyze, but I don't even know where to begin. Here's a link with several files that I...
  2. I

    Help me remove these extensions/virus's (I've tried everything I know)

    Hey everyone, I have a few viruses i think and they are "SalePLuss,PCCpnApp" they are extensions that use pop up advertisements provided by "opton". I have used "Malwarebytes and CCleaner", and have manually clicked remove in extension list and to no avail. Right after i click remove in...