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  1. P

    pdf edit and merge?

    Have to use and submit .pdf files for our work portal. We are a small company, and due to the "per seat" license the boss doesn't really want to use Adobe Pro, and yes, I know it's $14.99 a month. I work with pdf escape and pdf merge, which have been free online tools. Not long ago escape put...
  2. C

    Business using email portal rather then regular email

    I asked a company for some information by using its own email portal (as opposed to it having an @customerservice.com etc). Are these communications likely to be retained anywhere or only by the company please?
  3. G

    Froze on media port install how to quit program

    Computer froze ln media portal lnstall. How to quit to uninstall. Maybe safe mode. How to do that. Xxz
  4. toshibitsu

    Solved! Lenovo Explorer - Controller pairing issue

    I am trying to use Lenovo Explorer headset with my laptop. It's an MSI GT83VR Titan SLI-055. specs: Windows 10 Home (latest build) 18.4" 1080p screen i7-6820HK Processor 16GB DDR4 memory nVidia GTX 1070 x's 2 (SLi) Mixed Reality Portal is installed and Steam VR is installed w/ the Mixed...
  5. W

    Can i play Portal 1 on my computer?

    my computer spec is : Proseccor : Intel Atom N570 (1.66Ghz , dual core) Logical Proseccor : 4 GPU : Intel GMA 3150 Memory : 2 GB DDR3 Storage : 320 GB OS : Windows 7 Ultimate Screen Size : 1024 x 600 , 10.1" 32 / 86 bit
  6. Barty1884

    CANADA. Shaw Cable TV. Add additional Arris Portal in basement.....free?

    Hi all, absolutely no idea where I should post this thread, so I'm trying under Home Theatre. I'm in Canada, and have Shaw Cable. There's a Arris Gateway HDPVR in the basement, which feeds 3 "portal" boxes at each tv. 4 Rooms currently have Coax cables running to wall outlets (the master...
  7. D

    720p, Free recording software without time limits, or licence?

    Hi, I need a free to use recording software or service for games (csgo, skyrim, euro truck, portal, Watch Dogs, etc) that doesn't especially have an impact on performance (If possible) without time limits like 10 mins, 20mins+ would be okay but preferabley not limited. And reliability is...
  8. L

    Home stereo aux input/output trouble

    Hi, i have a Logik stereo and it has an aux in button on it. At the back it has aux in left and right portals. When i connect an aux lead to aux in to the aux right portal all i can hear is a humming sound but my music wont play. The aux lead wont fit in the aux left portal. Any reason why this...
  9. G

    Can I Play Portal 2 Well

    I just got my new laptop, and im not so sure if i can play Portal 2 on it... Here are my computer specs: Processor: Intel Core i3-2370 2.40GHz Ram: 8 GB OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 300 (I think I have 1664 mb of memory on this, but i dont know for sure) If you need any...
  10. Dr Orgo

    work/gaming laptop for grad school ~$1500

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to replace my aging laptop. Haven't been in the market for a laptop in over 5 years, so I'm looking for some advice. Any help is appreciated. I'll describe my situation in case you feel like reading more. I'm a graduate student in chemistry. I need to use a...
  11. C

    Specs needed to run Portal 2

    Will Portal 2 and Batman Arkham City run on a Toshiba Satellite S855D-S5148 ? Here are the specs: A-Series Quad-Core A10-4600M 2.3 GHz 8 GB DIMM 1 TB 5400 RPM Hard Drive AMD Radeon HD 7660G and is $640 a reasonable price for this machine? I want to replace my daughter's laptop and she...
  12. M

    Good for gaming or no.

    I want to know if this laptop will be good for gaming.I would like to play games like MW#,The Sims 3,Portal,New Vegas, and many more. http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-NP700Z5B-W01UB-Notebook-Laptop-Processor/dp/B006678RX8/ref=dp_return_1?ie=UTF8&n=541966&s=pc
  13. G

    'Steam for Schools' Brings Portal 2 to Education

    If only I were this lucky when I was younger... 'Steam for Schools' Brings Portal 2 to Education : Read more
  14. JMcEntegart

    VIDEO: Portal Gets Ported to Android (Sort of)

    Calling all Portal fans... VIDEO: Portal Gets Ported to Android (Sort of) : Read more
  15. exfileme

    Dark Horse Publishing 304-Page Valve Comic

    Dark Horse is cramming Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress and Portal comics into a 304-page hardcover edition just in time for the holidays. Dark Horse Publishing 304-Page Valve Comic : Read more
  16. JMcEntegart

    JK Rowling Announces Harry Potter Portal

    The final installment of the Harry Potter movies will arrive next month. However, the release of the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will not be the last we see of Harry and his friends. JK Rowling Announces Harry Potter Portal : Read more
  17. S

    Solved! Can these laptops play Portal 2 smoothly?

    Hey everyone, I really appreciated the help Tom's Hardware Forums gave me with building my new desktop. Runs great! :) I've never owned a laptop, and I just don't know how to judge their gaming power based on specs too well. My friend is going to get a new laptop this summer, and he would...
  18. exfileme

    Portal 2 Release Disrupts Educational System

    The release of Portal 2 has apparently halted the earth's rotation for the day so that fans can play Valve's highly-anticipated sequel. Portal 2 Release Disrupts Educational System : Read more
  19. J

    Looking for a laptop to play Portal, edit photos, web browsing

    I'd like a ultra portable laptop to edit photos, browse the web, and play portal. I'd prefer something under 14 inches and around $500.
  20. G

    Replica Portal Gun Up for Auction

    Companion Cube and psychotic confectionery-offering AIs not included. Replica Portal Gun Up for Auction : Read more
  21. G

    How To: Trick Out Your Desktop with Rainmeter

    You can turn your desktop into an attractive information portal that requires no manual input thanks to this little program and some scripting skill. How To: Trick Out Your Desktop with Rainmeter : Read more
  22. G

    The Perfect Shirt For Portal Fans

    I'm making a note here, huge success. The Perfect Shirt For Portal Fans : Read more
  23. exfileme

    Facebook Installs ''Panic Button,'' May Come to US

    Facebook has teamed up with Britain's CEOP to promote a "panic button" for minors on the UK portal. Facebook Installs ''Panic Button,'' May Come to US : Read more
  24. exfileme

    General Motors Now Selling Cars on Ebay

    Tomorrow GM is launching an eBay portal that enables consumers the ability to purchase new GM-based automobiles online. General Motors Now Selling Cars on Ebay : Read more
  25. G

    Microsoft Offers $44.6 Billion For Yahoo

    Redmond (WA) - Microsoft today announced a $44.6 billion bid to acquire struggling web portal Yahoo. Microsoft’s offer is based on a share price of $31, which represents a 62% premium over the company’s market capitalization of $25.6 billion on January Microsoft Offers $44.6 Billion For Yahoo ...
  26. X

    Forum/Portal creation question.

    Didn't know exactly were to post this, but anyways, here it goes: I'm searching for a good portal/forum/blog/flog/picture album manager/news manager. 'till last month, I had a phpBB based forum... it was outdated, and someone hacked it. So I decided to drop the whole thing, and start all over...