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    Question Hp laptop wont turn on

    Hi i have Hp Spectre x360 laptop and i was using it 3 hours ago and it showed 20% battery and then it turned off after sometime i thought the battery died so after sometime i plugged it back in and when charging light turned white i tried to turn it on and it stayed off. So i unplugged charger...
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    ASUS X200M Chip level issue

    My Asus X200m notebook recently stopped working while caliberating old battery . Now when I put charger on or put batttery and power on the laptop , nothing happens but the processor chip starts heating up ........ Please help me as I'm too fond to this system. I also replaced the thermals and fan .
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    Toshiba Satellite S Series laptop with Win 7 Pro won't stay off after Windows shut down

    Few nights ago I realized tht even when my lid was closed the laptop is still running and not in sleep condition as it supposed to be. I can turn off the laptop with the power button while it is on just to have the windows recovery screen to pop up during boot process. If I close the lid or...