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    Solved! Dell Latitude E5540 only recognizes the power cord when the battery is removed. Won't charge.

    I’m upgrading a Dell Latitude E5540 to an SSD Brand new 512GB SSD 2x4GB DDR3L-1600 RAM Windows 10 Professional, fresh install The power adapter has a blue LED ring around the end that turns on when plugged in - this stays consistent. When the battery is connected the laptop will power on and...
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    My zte maven won't turn on

    Yesterday my phone battery was in the middle like around 50% I go into a store then a few mins later my zte maven is completely off and won't turn back on even after I put it on charge and all my important things are on there do how do I get it to work again.
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    Thinkpad Edge 11 Not turning off after shutdown, and fan stays at full speed even when cool.

    On my Thinkpad Edge 11 about a year ago a strange issue appeared, the laptop won't turn off after shutdown, and the fan stays at full speed at very cold temps. I know that the software is not the issue because i tested other OSes such as Ubuntu and it does not turn off, but it is able to...