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    5/12 vol;t powersupply what voltage what wire red white yellow flypower powersupply 12 volt ext hdd

    12 volt power supply for external hard drive has three wires yellow red and white one is 12 volt one 5 volt one ground cant find diagram anywhere flypower powersupply
  2. Computers Taste Like Metal

    Surge protector for gaming PC

    I have a gaming PC that has an EVGA P2 750 watt powersupply and recently my surge protector has gone bad. I want to order one online and want to know what to buy. I've seen a few nicely reviewed 30 dollar tripp-lite surge protectors... will that be good for a gaming PC?
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    Laptop wont power on

    I have t430s which just suddenly wont power on. I even put a new motherboard in it but that didnt help, please help. Note I´ve also tried to hold the power button down for 30 seconds with no battery not ram too. UPDATE: I´ve fixed the issue by taking a lighter and carefully warmed the...
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    Sudden laptop shutdown no led charging indicator. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

    Hey guys, I have an Acer aspire pro vn7-nitro and yesterday I was playing some casual csgo when suddenly my laptop shutdown. At the time my laptop was plugged in and after the shutdown there was no led indicator of charging either.I tried holding down the power button and the battery reset but...
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    help with bios

    after 3 bios password attempts on gateway laptop,screen froze,removed powersupply and battery, now wont turn on ???
  6. S

    using car subwoofer for home audio.

    I have a PSU rated at 750w, after browsing online i have found an mono amplifier rated at 800w RMS and a subwoofer rated at 600w RMS. will my powersupply work with the amplifier and subwoofer considering the subwoofer is only rated at 600w RMS?
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    GTX 960 , 970 , Rx470 working with this powersupply

    Dose this power supply thermaltake 450W TT-450PL1NH-1 can handle GTX 960 4gb or GTX 970 or rx470 ?
  8. M

    Can you put a higher amperage PSU for a laptop to increase graphics power?

    Hi, I have a dell studio 15. The charger is only 5A, however, the graphics card inside can use up to 15 amps. Graphics card is dedicated ATI Mobile Radeon HD 5470 Graphics If I get a 20A charger, but with the same voltage, will my graphics card be able to take advantage of the extra power input...
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    what is the blue wire in laptop power adapter

    need a hp laptop powersupply wire diadram
  10. L

    Help , wrong powersupply used! Now its dead!

    The wrong power supply was used on my Acer 4620-4605, and now it will not boot. Is there any help for this?
  11. B

    Whats causing boot up problems harddrive? windows? powersupply?

    got a weird problem on my asus g73jh. when i turn it on normaly it shows the asus screen then goes strait into windows and boots up and done. but sometimes ill get the the opening asus screen and then nothing no hard drive activity light no loading nothing. then i have to hold down the power...
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    Humfilter for audio amps ac powersupply

  13. C

    Generic Power Supplies, anygood?

    We lost a powersupply for a gateway 400vtx. I can get a replacement on ebay for under $15 or I can get the real thing for over $45. Are there any inexpensive brands that someone could recommend, I'd prefer not catch the house on fire. Thanks, Chris
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    help , wrong powersupply used! Now its dead!

    My Kids used the wrong power supply on my Acer Laptop and now it won't boot, no lights come on and nother at all happens when using the original power supply, what could be damaged, is there an internal power block that could be replaced or is my motherboard dead? thanks