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  1. Bomberdawg

    Question AT 2020 Connection Issues w/ Behringer to PC

    Recently bought an AT 2020 on Amazon, along with a Behringer preamp for a new setup. I did all the usual assembly and wiring and noticed the PC sees my devices, but for some reason is not detecting it as a mic. Wondering how to troubleshoot this issue. I can hear in my AT headset that the mic is...
  2. I

    Solved! AVR > Rowland Research Pre-Amp > Rowland Research Amplifier. Correct wiring

    I'm trying to do a bit of research for family friend. He has a Rowland Research Coherence One Preamplifier, and a Rowland Research Model 5 Power Amplifier. As these are older (but god-tier) components, the pre can't do anything modern, Dolby etc etc. What would like to do, is use a decent...
  3. K

    No sound from passive speaker only the powered one

    Hey, I've been looking for an answer everywhere and can't find one hopefully someone here can help me. I have 2 Mackie CR3 Studio Monitors, they used to work fine then one day my sound would only play out of one speaker. I know they both work and my wires are good because when I switch the...
  4. G

    Microphone help (Fuzzy)

    I have a cisno BM-800, it's a condenser microphone with a 2.5mm output. It's really quite so I have to boost it really high and it ends up being really fuzzy. My friend says I need an external sound card. Should I get a preamp, sound card or what? Any suggestion would help.
  5. K

    Connecting old record player to old speakers

    I have an old Midi 46 record player that has a red and white LR output with the grounding cable. The old speakers that are with it the cables coming out are just two thin cables that at the end are just exposed wire. I get that I probably need a pre amp but I cant find one that I think will...
  6. Bill2002

    AT2020 XLR connecting to PC help

    Ok, so I recently purchased an Audio Technica AT2020 condenser mic, with the XLR cable, and I bought a second hand Art USB Dual Pre, which I believe is broken. I'm unsure how to connect it to my PC or what to do in that case. Could someone simplify the diagram of what needs to be connected to...
  7. Q

    Preamp connections on my reciever

    I have a Denon AVR-786, and I did not buy it new so please be patient with me. I see where my powered subwoofer hooks up on the back, but I am just wondering if the rest of the hook ups there in the same general area are also pre amp connections.
  8. M

    Turntable plays quietly via amp, do i need a preamp? will it sacrifice sound quality?

    Hello, I have an old turntable hooked up to a new-ish Nobsound amp. it plays very quietly on this amp but fine when i connect it to a sony hifi system i have. Would I need a pre-amp for my amp? Amp: TT: I was looking at the...
  9. RunLuke

    Pre amp / Power amp - how?!

    I have a Thule Audio IA 100 couple with a pair of Dynaudio 52's, I'd like to add a power amp in the mix, but I have no idea how to do this, if it's even possible and if it is how to connect the two? The Thule IA 100 has a switch on the back that says NORMAL and MAIN IN - normal is how it is now...
  10. S

    Sound from one channel goes on and off

    My preamp Rotel RSP-1068 is experiencing an issue with its front left and right channels. Sound from front left channel goes on and off automatically. Sound output from front right channel is much lower than the rest of channels (~16 db). I think these two issues are connected. My findings till...