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  1. B

    error message on trying to install brother printer driver

    I get an error message every time I try and install a printer driver from brother
  2. E

    How to install 32bit printer driver on Win7 64bit

    I have a Canon LaserBase MF3110 printer, but I can not install the driver on 64 bit windows 7, Could anybody help me? Please give me links to download Thanks a lot in advance :-)
  3. johnbil

    JPG/Image to PDF software

    I'm presently using printer driver type software to convert files to PDF's, but I'm not too happy with the results. Can anyone recommend a program (preferrably freeware) that coverts JPG's to PDF files? Hopefully one that has quality/compression control. Thanks in advance. [using Windows 7]
  4. E

    Hp deskjet 3550 printer driver for windows 7

    how to download the software
  5. N

    Free download software printer canon mpc190s

    Hello, how to download free canon printer driver model MPC190s?
  6. S

    Priter driver for windows 7(32bit)

    How to download hp desjet 1280 printer driver for windows 7(32bit)?
  7. D

    Minolta Universal Printer Driver

    Hello, I need a win7 driver for a Minolta QMS 2300DL. The Minolta website says they will have a driver ready a year ago. Does anybody know if their Universal Printer Driver will work?
  8. F

    Hp uninstall drivers

    Hello, tried to uninstall printer driver & it said to disconnect the printer, it is disconnected from power & computer what next
  9. F

    Installing printer driver on a laptop

    Hello, I've justed upgraded to Win 7 ultimate from XP premium (both 32-bit); I have no internet connection at home, and from what I can decipher of the responses from Hp and MS, my only choice to install drivers is to carry my printers into a coffee shop, and turn on hte laptop with my hardware...
  10. S

    Hp 4010 printer driver for windows 7

    Hello, i've downloaded HP 4010 printer driver for windows 7 but it won't work. Please help me