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  1. M

    My PC Gone Crazy

    i don't know if its the right section for my topic but i guess this is the closest one. a While ago I Was just fine until it comes a day when everything Collapse. i was Running Win 7 x64 the day all of these started ... so what happened was a bunch of Errors such as: 1- Missing .exe for these...
  2. LukeyG500

    Flickering in and out of not responding

    Recently when going onto some programs such as word or even file explorer, the program seems to... flicker in and out of responding repetitively and i have no idea what is causing it or how i can fix thanks in advance to anyone that helps
  3. F

    What is a good Linux for someone like me?

    I am new to all of this Linux mumbo-jumbo, so I'd like a Linux that fits my tastes. 1. I am new to Linux, so I would like a linux similar to Windows. 2. I don't want many pre-installed things, I'd rather find programs myself. 3. I'm not very advanced in computing, so I'd rather stay away from...
  4. UItmaWepn

    How to make old or older programs work on newer versions of Windows Operating Systems, including Windows 8.1 and up.

    When I first discovered that I could do this about a decade and a half ago, not very many people knew about it. Now, there are quite a bit of people that know how but just in case your in the category of people that do not then I will teach you about this. I am referring to Compatibility Mode...
  5. T

    Programs malfunctioning after reparation

    Hi, I've got an Acer Aspire 7750G (You can see full specs on my other threads), it had cooling problems so I've send him in for reparation, after a few weeks I've got him back and I saw that Switchable graphics was installed on it, what never was on it before (and I've reset him to factory...
  6. R

    Alot of programs wont start

    Hi recently most of my programs wont start and crashes. First it was skype acting up then i reinstalled it and it worked after that premiere pro cs6 and i dont know how it worked after a while and now freemake video converter .,, I use these programs to edit my youtube videos and i really need...
  7. The Stealthinator

    Is it OK two have more than one anti-virus/spyware programs scanning the computer at the same time?

    Is it OK two have more than one anti-virus/spyware programs scanning the computer at the same time? I have multiple running, I just want to know whether the scan gets affected in any way if there is more than one program doing it?