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  1. CharlesMG

    Solved! Docking station for two 2K monitors at 144Hz refresh rate?

    Hi, I am after a docking station which would allow my XPS13 7390 2in1 to power a dual monitor setup where each monitor is running 2K (2560x1440 or also known as QHD) at 144hz refresh rate. One of the candidates is the Dell Universal Dock - D6000. However, the sales team cannot confirm and the...
  2. A

    [HELP] Dell XPS 13 QHD i5 6th vs FHD i5 7th

    Hi, I want to buy the 13 inch Dell XPS 13. But I can't choose between the 4K version or the FHD version. Is it a very big difference between the i5 6th and the i5 7th? I use mostly Photoshop and Premiere and a bit of browsing, Netflix, no games. I'm coming from a MBP 2015. The Dell XPS 13 i5 6th...
  3. cookiebowz

    Replace monitor for higher resolution (1920x1080 > 3200x1800) ASUS ux303ln

    Hello, i own a ASUS ux303ln with a resolution of 1920x1080 and with a dedicated gpu (optimus). This laptop exist in 3(?) versions. Do you think it's possible to replace the monitor with a QHD+ monitor at 3200X1800 as they are exacly the same except the monitor and gpu? (The QHD+ one has only...