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  1. JaxTheHax12

    Question reset pc, now i have super low fps

    I used to get 120 fps on my games, and especially modded Minecraft, and recently I reset my pc and when I went back to play my games the fps wouldn't go above 20 fps, I remember when i first got the pc I had an online friend to help me with changing some settings, but I'm no longer in contact...
  2. TKU

    Solved! Can I connect a microphone and a web cam to a Thunderbolt adapter and use it without latency issues?

    Just like the title says. I'm planning on buying a USB microphone (low budget etc.) and also a web cam. My laptop (Razer Blade 15) is basically out of ports to use as my mouse and keyboard take's up 2/3 of the ports, so I was looking to get a USB hub. But I read that USB hub's can cause latency...
  3. L

    I turned in an assignment late because MyWritingLab took awhile to process my temp access code

    Don't worry this starting paragraph has context. Anyway, before I start my first day of college I get the books I need straight from the college bookstore. The librarian informs me that my psychology book has an access code. So I infer that my 2 english books don't come with codes. The book that...
  4. S

    Changing power button light color

    4 months ago I bought a Toshiba Satellite C75D and the light around the power button is white underneath but there is a orange ring around the button so, I guess, depending on where you're looking from you might see the light or the light coming through the orange ring. I was wondering if it...
  5. P

    art device advice, please

    My secondhand laptop is so old the PC repair shop won't even accept it as a trade-in anymore. It is also slowly failing. DVD drive doesn't read or write, can't detect wifi signal, zero battery life, won't charge, dead pixel spots on monitor...And yet it still basically WORKS. Because here I am...